Jan 28, 2023


 Researchers have shown that dogs can achieve the same intelligence as a 2-year-old child, and they can learn and understand more than 150 words, meaning they can store that many words and stools.  discern human command.  Well-trained dogs are also capable of performing simple tasks at human commands such as picking up things, buying food or keeping the owner's house away. This is really a very powerful ability.  especially compared to other animals. 

Dog feelings

 Dogs also know how to express emotions of joy, sadness, and nostalgia like humans, so from a very early age they became close to us.  This animal is always a loyal, devoted friend, ready to sacrifice himself to save his owner in any situation.  The Vietnamese have a saying: "Dogs do not criticize their poor owners" to talk about the faithfulness of this animal.  The basic difference between a dog and a wolf is that "the wolf is loyal to the pack, the dog is loyal to the people". 

Super sense of smell

 The ability of dogs to sniff out objects or people is unquestionable.  Dogs' noses are very sensitive because they have up to 300 million olfactory cells (while humans only have 5 million), and dogs have a special nervous system structure that allows them to distinguish many different types of odors.  each other, can find people even in the middle of the stadium easily… So, when your dog suddenly barks and shows strange behavior, be careful around.  The ancient Vietnamese soon concluded this: "Wise dogs do not bark in empty places". 

Owning a dog is good for health.

This has been proven, as humans have a special bacteria that helps combat depression, some common allergies. Studies also show that the illness rate of dog owners is lower and less severe compared to those who don't own dogs. Many people enjoy taking dogs for walks, not only exercising themselves but also becoming closer, friendlier and more cheerful. Furthermore, according to a report from the University of Michigan, 60% of obese people successfully lost weight by walking their dogs for half an hour a day. Another benefit from petting and playing with a furry friend is that your body will release more oxytocin hormone, this hormone helps to reduce stress naturally, therefore the risk of heart disease or depression is also reduced.

Tail wagging action

 You still think that a dog wagging its tail is a sign of joy, but that is not entirely the case.  Experiments show that only when dogs wag their tails to the right they are excited, wagging their tails to the left is afraid of something, and when their tails stand up, they are anxious or focused.  one goal. 

Dogs can be considered as our best friends.  When we are sad and need someone to share our sadness but no one is there, the dog is the one sitting there listening to us share everything, they can listen to us but only respond with actions.  It's a good friend, isn't it?