Top 10 most outstanding characteristics of dogs

Jan 28, 2023

1. Dogs are very loyal to their owners

According to scientists, dogs were domesticated by humans thousands of years ago, when wolves began to evolve.  Wolves are inherently pack animals and always obey the leader of the pack, so they always have special bonds with other animals in their pack.  Gradually in the process of evolution and domestication, dogs become gentler and more obedient to their owners.

 In particular, the loyalty characteristic is always retained by them.  "When adopted, dogs will see their owners as members of their pack," said Stephen Zawistowski, scientific adviser to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  In fact, dogs always help homeowners look after the house, sometimes they are trained to be able to do errands or serve people's entertainment needs.  They never betray their master, always loyal from infancy to old age. 

Dogs are very loyal to their owners 

2. Dogs make us happier 

Dogs love to play with their owners.  Every time the owner comes back, they will wag their tails, entwine, even jump to celebrate.  When the owner is away, they will look forward to and miss the owner a lot.  Every day, having a dog that is always by our side playing with us like that, our mood will be more comfortable and relaxed. 

Dogs are effective in reducing stress and increasing job satisfaction for people. The Society & Animals journal experts conducted a survey with dog and cat owners. They asked about the frequency of laughing while owning one or more pets. And the answers were that they felt happier and laughed more than those who kept other animals.

The dog is flirting with the owner 

3. Dogs know how to look after the house

Dogs are like a family siren, whenever someone or a foreign object appears, they will bark loudly so everyone can know.  Even if the enemy shows signs of attack, they can rush to fight to protect humans.

 Hearing and alertness are very important qualities of a good watchdog.  Possessing good hearing, "doorkeeper" babies can easily perceive strange sounds at a distance.  At this time, to notify the owner, the babies will bark in very long and loud sounds.  That way, you can take the initiative to spy on the situation or take the initiative to defend yourself if it's a bad situation.

 At the same time, with their quick nature, house dogs can react in time to dangerous situations.  Especially, if they are a loyal dog, the pet dogs will be ready to fight, risking their lives to protect their owners.  Therefore, when raising a guard dog, you should be very observant to choose a baby with the above qualities. 

They often lie at the door to watch the house 

4. Dogs understand owner's feelings 

If you're happy, the dog will be just as happy as the owner.  They will run around, wagging their tails, following their owners everywhere.  But if you are sad, they will also be moody, lie still, sometimes raise their eyes to look or bury their heads in the owner's lap.  They can clearly feel all emotions happy, sad, angry ... of the owner.  It's lovely isn't it?

 In the case of dogs, which have a sense of smell 50 times more sensitive than humans, it is "within hand" to detect and even distinguish between these groups of chemicals, when they are close to their owners.  .  It is thanks to this "superpower" that they can fully understand the deepest feelings of their owners.  If you're feeling down, even if you don't show it on your face, this furry friend will find out right away and find ways to make you feel good again or simply feel better.

 Not only do they know how to comfort their owners, dogs of course also know when we are angry with them, to find a way to "hide" or to show pity for forgiveness.  In addition, in case their owner is scared because of someone, the dog will also find ways to protect the owner, while barking warning or even attacking the "object", in case of need. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing with two pet dogs, Buffy and Yume (2013) 

5. Dogs always love their owners unconditionally 

No matter how good life is, how hard it is, how you eat and drink, they are always with you in any situation.  Do you know Lao Pan's dog?  This is one of the ten most famous dogs for its love and loyalty to its owner until death.  Lao Pan is an ordinary man who lives alone, is not rich, has no high status in society and has very few friends.

 This dog stayed with him until his death at the age of 68 in 2011, and refused to leave the grave despite hunger, thirst or rain.  In the end, the villagers had to build a shelter for the dog by the grave of its owner. 

Dogs always love their owners unconditionally 

6. Dogs are champions of sizes and shapes 

Due to domestication, dogs grow larger and larger with different colors, sizes, shapes, coats and physical characteristics.  Dogs are larger than any other mammal.  It is believed that there are more than 400 dog breeds in the world and it is constantly evolving due to artificial inbreeding.

 Despite their massive appearance, large dog breeds are usually mild-tempered, lovable, laid-back, and very loyal.  Throughout history, these friends have used their great power to protect livestock, people, and their owners' territories. 

Chó là nhà vô địch về các kích cỡ và hình dạng

7. A dog's nose has a distinct vein shape 

Dogs' nose prints are as unique and special as human fingerprints and can be used to accurately identify them.  That's right, no two dogs have exactly the same nose pattern.  The Canadian Kennel Club has been using dog nose prints for identity verification since 1938.

 Just like human fingerprints, each individual dog's nose print is "unique".  The nose pattern of each different dog has unique characteristics that are not the same.  The nasal ridges in dogs are made up of a special layer of skin on the tip of the dog's nose.  This layer of skin has the ability to sweat to help their nose always retain moisture.  According to scientists, this helps dogs have a better sense of smell.

 According to two researchers D. Caroline Colile and Maragaret H. Bonham, this special skin that forms the nasal ridges in dogs can attract odor molecules, which helps dogs to smell and analyze odor molecules.  better.  If you look closely at the nose of each individual dog, especially the nasal ridges, you can see the differences in the indentations, dots and contours as well as the differences in the shape and size of the dog.  nostril.  This is the basis for us to be able to identify individual dogs 

A dog's nose has a distinct vein shape 

8. Dogs can recognize colors 

In fact, dogs can see some colors, but not as much as humans.  The colors dogs can see are green, yellow, and blue, but they can't see red or deep red.

 Since 1989, dogs have been known to not be color blind.  At the time, a study led by Jay Neitz of the University of California, Santa Barbara, confirmed suspicions that dogs - like most other mammals - have dichroic vision, allowing them to see the world in  shades of yellow, blue and gray.  What is not known is how dogs actually use this ability to distinguish light from darkness.

 Jay Neitz, the scientist who first confirmed that dogs can see color, has continued to apply the cure of color blindness in monkeys in a gene therapy procedure, and it is hoped that one day it will be possible.  cure this disease in humans. 

Dogs can recognize colors 

9. Dogs only sleep on their stomachs where they feel safe 

Dogs can laugh, but not always for the same reasons as humans.  It seems that dogs laugh to convince their owners to give them affection.  But a smile doesn't always mean the dog is happy, it can actually be a sign of anxiety.

 If a dog rarely lies on its back with its belly up, it means they feel that this position is not safe.  This is simply their instinct and this applies to wolves as well.  According to NextGen Dog, the supine position for wolves is a sign of vulnerability, submission and certainly they will never accept it.  Therefore, if your dog maintains this sleeping position, it means he is very calm and independent. 

Dogs only sleep on their stomachs where they feel safe 

10. Dogs instinctively seek contact with people 

Most of the time a puppy's instincts tell him that the best way to survive is with humans, often their owners.  That's why many dogs feel so unsettled when left alone at home: they feel abandoned forever and no one will take care of them anymore.

 There are many thrilling stories about dogs getting lost very far and then finding their way home safely.  Whatever it is, after that incident, you will probably want to understand how dogs find their way home so that they can naturally train them according to behavioral science in case of unfortunate situations later.  So, how exciting is a lost dog's journey home really?  Are dogs as good at navigating as humans?  What about the navigation based on the stars like the old sailors or the built-in function of a compass?  Or do dogs sense the earth's magnetic field to find their way back to their old home?

 Although there have not been any studies on the ability of dogs to find their way, there are many experimental psychology studies that show that dogs only need to use their superior sense of smell and vision to  enough to find his exact home. 

Dogs instinctively seek contact with people 

Dogs have many features that are useful to humans.  So for those who do not have a dog with them, quickly find yourself a loyal friend to accompany you!