The United States is about to ban the sale of dogs and cats.

Jan 28, 2023

At the same time, the pet store industry and its supporters are also mobilizing, including online meetings with officials and social media campaigns highlighting how well-cared-for the puppies and kittens are.

All because of one of the hundreds of bills that New York Governor Kathy Hochul has to consider signing before the end of the year, according to the New York Times.

Animal rights activists support the ban on selling puppies and kittens in pet stores in New York.

Animal rights activists support the ban on selling puppies and kittens in pet stores in New York. Image: Kobiz Media. After years of debate, in June, New York legislators passed a bill banning the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores in the state. This decision has led to a heated conflict between animal protection groups and the pet store industry.

According to animal rights supporters, for many years, breeding facilities have been operating without strict supervision and keeping dogs and cats in unsanitary conditions, resulting in the sale of sick animals to consumers. This legislation will close down those business operations by banning the sale of more than 80 pet stores throughout New York, which are famous for displaying puppies and kittens priced at thousands of dollars in the window. At the same time, the legislation encourages New York residents to adopt pets from rescue shelters. Banning retail animal sales will alleviate the pressure on over 100 shelters and 400 rescue organizations for dogs and cats in New York.

Many dogs that were adopted during the quarantine period are now being abandoned by their owners due to the aftermath of Covid-19

Many dogs are being adopted during the pandemic but abandoned when the owners return to work. Image: Four Paws. Libby Post, executive director of the New York State Animal Protection Federation, an organization representing shelters and rescue organizations, said many facilities are currently overcrowded with dogs, including those adopted during the pandemic but abandoned as soon as their owners returned to the office.

People are still allowed to buy animals directly from licensed and responsible breeders. However, pet stores are strongly opposed to this decision, arguing that the law will force them to close their businesses, leading to hundreds of job losses and making it harder for New Yorkers to purchase pets within the state, resulting in a surge in the black market for pets. Currently, most of the 2,000 dog breeders in the United States are managed and licensed by the federal government. However, supporters of animal rights argue that the minimum care standards are outdated, inadequate, and rarely enforced.

Emilio Ortiz is using social media to show people how his pet store treats animals well. In recent years, the New York State Attorney General's office has filed lawsuits against some pet stores, accusing them of deceiving consumers and selling sick, mistreated or illegally obtained puppies and kittens. These lawsuits have helped to push for legislation, although the pet industry believes that banning the sale of puppies and kittens would have unintended consequences. Emilio Ortiz, the manager at Citipups, a pet store with two branches in Manhattan, emphasized that they "will go bankrupt" if the state Governor signs the bill, as 90% of their revenue comes from selling pets.