The touching story of the most loyal dogs of all time has brought millions of people to tears

Jan 28, 2023

When it comes to dogs, people often think of loyal and trustworthy virtues, no matter who the owner is, the dogs are always attached to them.  There are many stories that make us move and admire the loyalty and affection that four-legged friends have for humans. 

Hachiko the dog 

Hachiko the dog is probably no stranger to animal lovers around the world, especially when its story has been adapted into the famous movie of the same name.  Hachiko belongs to the Akita breed and is considered a "national treasure" of Japan thanks to its absolute loyalty to its owner.

 In 1924, Hidesaburo Ueno - a professor in the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Tokyo, Japan - bought and brought Hachiko to Tokyo.  The close friendship of the respected Professor and the small dog begins with every morning Hachiko follows his master to Shibuya station and waits for him there when he returns at the end of the day. 

Regardless of whether it's sunny or rainy, Hachiko always goes to the station to see off his close friend from work.  But then on a fateful day in May 1925, when Professor Ueno suffered a heart attack and died suddenly at work, Hachiko was still waiting for his friend in hope at the station.

 Days later, still seeming not to believe in the departure of the owner, the poor dog still goes to the station every day to wait for the Professor's return.  The incident repeated over and over, causing the surrounding guests to notice and love Hachiko.

 This loyal dog waited for his master for 9 years, 9 months and 15 days, until his death.  After Hachiko passed away, appreciating the dog's loyalty, the people made a statue of Hachiko as a symbol of loyalty.

 Today, when coming to Shibuya Station, Japan, visitors do not forget to visit the Hachiko dog statue solemnly placed here. 

Lao Pan's dog 

Lao Pan is a single man with an ordinary life, not rich, without high social status, nor family and many friends in China.

 However, what made him famous is the love that his loyal dog has for him is known throughout China. 

Lao Pan's dog lived with him for many years, and when he died at the age of 68 in 2011, this dog stayed with him until the very end.  When Lao Pan was buried at the cemetery in Panjiatun village, this dog guarded his owner's grave for days without eating or drinking.

 After discovering that the dog was thin and thin because he had been watching his owner's grave for a long time, the villagers used food to lure him home, but the dog still refused to leave the owner's grave.  In the end, they had to bring food and water to the cemetery and build him a place to live next to Lao Pan's grave. 

Hawkeye dog 

Hawkeye is a military dog ​​that has a very close relationship with owner and trainer Jon Tomlinson.  Tomlinson was a member of the US Navy SEAL team, he was killed when the Chinook helicopter carrying the task force was shot down in 2011. 

The dog Hawkeye became famous worldwide when a photo taken at Tomlinson's funeral went viral online.  In the middle of the funeral, the dog Hawkeye walked up to Tomlinson's coffin and collapsed, letting out a mournful sigh beside the body of his beloved owner and lying there throughout the funeral.

 The whole world has witnessed the glue bondage and absolute loyalty that Hawkeye has for his master, even after he is gone.  Fortunately, the dog was later adopted by a friend of Tomlinson's and lived in a loving home. 

Theo the dog 

Theo is an army dog ​​deployed to Afghanistan with his owner and teammate, Corporal Liam Tasker.  Tasker is a sniper in the British Army, while Theo is a sniffer dog.

 When Tasker died in battle in March 2011, the dog Theo almost collapsed.  When his teammates brought the bodies of Tasker and the dog Theo back to the base, this dog had a stroke and also died.

 The military doctor concluded that the sudden stroke that Theo had was caused by the dog being too sad about the death of its owner.  Both Corporal Tasker and his dog Theo set records for the number of bombs found and defused during their service in Afghanistan.

 After Theo's death, the British military posthumously awarded him the Dickin Medal (equivalent to the Victoria coat of arms in the British Royal Army), in recognition of the dog's contribution and loyalty. 

Capitan dog 

Capitan is a German Shepherd that was raised by Mr. Manuel Guzman, an Argentine.  When Mr. Guzman died in 2006, his family discovered the dog Capitan had also disappeared.

 A few weeks after the funeral, they visited Mr. Guzman's grave and were surprised to see Capitan standing there waiting for them.  The surprising thing is that they have never brought this dog to the cemetery, and also cannot understand how Capitan managed to get here and find the exact grave of the owner.

 Since then, Capitan has been regularly going back and forth from home to the cemetery and living off the leftovers the manor gives him.  Every night, this loyal dog returns to Mr. Guzman's grave, apparently not wanting his owner to sleep alone in the cold. 

Dorado the dog 

On September 11, 2001, blind old man Omar Eduardo Rivera was caught in one of the most dangerous situations in the world.  Mr. Rivera works on the 71st floor of the World Trade Center tower, and came here with his dog Dorado as usual on that fateful morning.

 When the first plane piloted by terrorists crashed into the tower, Mr. Rivera knew he was in a situation where he was hanging on to his hair.  He thought that a blind old man like himself could not escape, so he untied the dog Dorado and ordered him to run out to survive.

 At first, the dog obeyed its owner's orders, but 10 minutes later, Mr. Rivera felt the loyal dog rubbing against his leg.  Dorado returned with his owner in distress, and with the help of a colleague, Mr. Rivera groped down the emergency stairs.

 It took them more than an hour to go all the way through 72 flights of stairs and get out safely.  As soon as they got out, the whole tower collapsed with thousands of people trapped inside.  Mr. Rivera claims that it was his loyal dog Dorado who saved his life. 

Fido the dog 

Infinite loyalty to his master made Fido a popular figure in the 1940s-1950s.  Fido is a stray dog ​​on the streets of Luco di Mugello, a small town in Florence, Italy.

 In 1941, Mr. Carlo Soriani found the injured Fido lying on the side of the road and decided to bring the dog home to take care of and nurture it.  Since then, every time Soriani takes the bus home from the factory, Fido is always at the bus stop waiting for him.

 For 2 years, there was not a day that Fido didn't wait for Soriani at the bus stop, then the two walked home together.  One day, the factory where Soriani worked was hit by an Allied bomb, killing him and many other workers.

 That night, when Soriani did not return, the dog Fido quietly returned home from the bus stop.  But the next day, he continued to return to the bus station to wait for the owner.  Just like that, for 15 years, Fido patiently stood at the bus station every day waiting for the owner who never returned.

 Fido's loyalty made him a popular figure in Florence, and when he died in 1958, he was buried next to his master Soriani's grave.