The owner, disliking his dog, left it with grandma for care; upon seeing it again, he burst into tears on the spot.

Dec 8, 2023

There was a guy who saw people happily raising dogs and found it interesting. Consequently, he bought a mixed-breed puppy because it was obedient, intelligent, and adorable. However, after actually raising it, he realized that there were many unexpected responsibilities.

Initially, he thought that taking care of a dog was just about providing food. However, as he started taking care of it, he discovered that he needed to buy a lot of things for it, such as bathing it regularly, brushing its fur, brushing its teeth, taking it to the vet, and going for walks—similar to raising a child. As a result, he no longer found joy in it and decided not to keep it anymore.

After his grandmother in the countryside heard about the situation, she expressed her willingness to adopt the dog. He agreed and handed it over to her, relieving himself of all responsibilities. He thought it was a relief for himself.

However, a few days later, he began to feel lonely. When he returned home, he didn't see the presence of his beloved dog and felt desolate. He missed his pet a lot, so after some time, he decided to quit his job and visit it.

Upon arriving at his grandmother's house and opening the door, he was shocked to see his once handsome and clean dog transformed into a fearful sight, resembling a stray dog from a garbage dump. The dog, now covered in mud and tangled, reeked and looked at him with resentment, hiding behind a rusty tricycle in fear.

He asked his grandmother what had happened, and she explained that because he intended to abandon the dog, she felt sorry for it and took it back home. It often went hungry, scavenging through trash for food, and people around avoided it due to its dirtiness and foul smell.

Seeing his beloved dog in such a state, he felt terrible about himself. He allowed his pet to become like this, and his heart ached, tears streaming down his face. At that moment, he decided to rectify his mistakes. He vowed to bring the dog back home, take care of it, and make amends for his past errors. He promised himself that he would never let it suffer again.