The girl went to the temple and fed a pack of stray dogs. On her way back, she hopped onto a vehicle and said, "Please take me home!"

Dec 8, 2023

Stray Dog Finds Hope at a Thai Temple

In Thailand, stray dogs or lost dogs are often the center of attention, especially those living around temples where monks ensure they are well-fed. As a result, these dogs lead happier lives compared to those in other countries. The family of a young girl regularly visits the temple for Buddhist ceremonies, and each time they do, they bring extra food for the dogs in the vicinity.

One day, while feeding the dogs, a particular dog approached the girl's brother, seeking affection. Before anyone could react, it jumped onto the seat and curled up, ignoring calls to come down.

Perhaps it desired to be adopted, to become part of a family and have a home. Despite the family's busy schedule, they tried various methods to get the dog off the vehicle, but it remained determined to stay there. After a while, they had to seek the assistance of a monk to call the dog down. Hesitant at first, the dog eventually accepted the monk's call and descended from the vehicle.

Witnessing the dog's actions, yearning for warmth and a loving family, moved those present. Nonetheless, even in its current environment, the dog receives love, ample food, and is free from bullying. Hopefully, someday, this dog will find a forever home with a caring family.