Strangers Save Abandoned Dog After Locals Pelt Him With Rocks, Leaving Him Sick and Defeated on a Porch

Feb 15, 2023

Being a stray animal is a difficult life, made even more impossible when people actively attempt to harm you. Despite the common belief in people's compassion towards animals, there are instances that prove otherwise.

One such example occurred in a Los Angeles neighborhood where a group of residents were actively chasing an ill stray dog out of the area simply because they did not want it there.

Instead of calling for help, the villagers resorted to pelting the frightened dog with pebbles, causing it to suffer needlessly. Fortunately, Lisa Chiarelli was able to intervene and help.

Upon realizing that the dog was in danger and under attack from the locals, Chiarelli immediately contacted Lisa Arturo of Big Love Animal Rescue. Unfortunately, when Arturo arrived to search for the dog, it was nowhere to be found. In an effort to locate the missing animal, the rescue team suggested that Chiarelli leave a blanket on her doorstep in the hopes that the dog might discover it. According to The Dodo, this plan proved to be successful.

As planned, the next morning the dog was discovered sleeping on the blanket. Unfortunately, he was too weak and ill to run any longer, and had all but given up hope.

Although help had arrived, the dog's condition had deteriorated to a point where he could barely move. Despite the odds, the rescue team was determined to nurse him back to health and give him a second chance at life.

The rescuers soon realized that the dog was in dire need of medical attention, and needed to see a veterinarian right away. He had developed an eye infection and skin issues, and according to the assessment, he wouldn't have survived more than a few days without treatment.

His blood work revealed a severe medical condition that required immediate and intensive care. The rescue team wasted no time in getting him the medical help he needed, determined to save his life and give him the care and love he deserved.

Fortunately, the dog was in the care of capable and compassionate hands. Over time, his fur began to grow back and his scabs healed. With proper medical attention and care, he regained his strength and slowly but surely, he came out of his shell. He put on weight and showed signs of improvement, a testament to the healing power of love and care.

The adorable dog was placed up for adoption once he was physically prepared and given the all-clear by his doctor, and he was soon adopted by a caring couple. Although it took him some time to feel secure and at peace, he is now a giant goofball! He has a sizable yard to himself, and he likes his canine brother and parents.