Standing on the hot sidewalk, she shuffled and watched people pass by in the roadway for hours.

Feb 25, 2023

A video of a stray dog named Valentina went viral on social media. Due to paralysis in her hind legs, she had to rely solely on her front legs to move, dragging herself along the scorching streets all day during the summer heat. At times, she would stand alone in the sunlight, struggling to cope with her physical challenges.

Despite many people walking past her on the street, only offering pitying glances, nobody stopped to help. However, one kind soul left some food for her and posted about her situation on social media in an effort to find help.

As night fell, the rescue squad @dametupatasv arrived to save Valentina after seeing the video posted on social media. They found her huddled in a corner near a wall, looking bashful and self-conscious due to her physical condition.

The volunteers felt terrible for the poor dog, who had been enduring significant hardship all by herself. They took her to the hospital for a health check-up, and it was discovered that her hind legs were paralyzed.

The devastating news came when the doctor informed the volunteers that Valentina's hind legs would not be able to heal, leaving her unable to walk normally. In addition, she was suffering from anemia and malnutrition, but the medical team did their best to treat her.

Despite the grim prognosis, the volunteers hoped that rehabilitation therapy would enable Valentina to walk again with the help of a wheelchair. During the therapy sessions, Valentina showed great strength in overcoming the obstacles.

She diligently took her medications and ate properly, always expressing hope on her face. She received excellent care at the hospital and was so happy to feel loved that her wonderful energy radiated to those around her, bringing happiness to everyone.

Although the wheelchair was not a perfect solution, it helped Valentina realize her dream of walking again. She quickly adapted to using the wheelchair and was able to live a beautiful new life.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Valentina's life underwent a complete transformation. May she continue to thrive and live happily ever after with her loving family.