Shedding Tears With “Hero” Dog Stories

Jan 28, 2023

1. Pop - Save the owner, the dog was caught by the dog thieves, escaped death and came back to meet a crueler ending 

When the bandits broke into the house, Pop tried to protect the owner but was taken away.  The family was almost desperate after 5 days when Pop returned despite suffering injuries on his body from trying to escape the slaughterers.  But Pop was still very strong playing, running and jumping with the family of the small owner on the day of his return.  Pop takes antibiotics regularly to heal the deep wound on the snout. 

However, Pop was killed a second time and the little dog was gone forever 

The dog thieves the day before failed to kill Pop, so they returned to "revenge" by beating Pop to death.  In the end, the resilient little dog still could not avoid death before the aggressive thieves.

 Pop has passed away, but the image of this resilient and loyal dog will probably remain forever in the hearts of those who raise Pop as well as those who love and consider dogs as their close friends. 

2. Moana – bitten to death by a venomous snake, still smiling because she saved her owner from death 

The little dog is happy to have defeated the venomous snake 

This brave little dog named Moana is a cross between a Shi Tzu and a Chihuahua, and as of the day she sacrificed herself to save her owner, Moana was not even a year old.  The incident took place when Jego - Moana's owner was attentively watching TV and Moana was lying at the foot of the stairs.  Suddenly Moana barked, but Jego didn't care because he thought he was playing alone, but when he saw Moana struggling with something, Jego quickly ran over to see and found Moana clutching a snake.  Cobra is very big in the mouth.  Jego quickly handled the snake and checked to see if Moana was injured but it was too late, just a few minutes after saving the master, Moana was gone forever.  The image of the owner capturing the moment his little dog wags his tail happily in the last moment of his life, before he closes his eyes and dies forever is truly heartbreaking. 

3. Pregnant dog died because he risked his life to protect his owner from poisonous snakes 

The owner recounts the unforgettable moment: “I was watching TV in my house when I heard a dog barking loudly outside.  I didn't go out right away because I thought it was just frolicking like usual.  When I saw the baby struggling with a king cobra, I rushed to help it defeat the snake.  But before celebrating the victory, it died after a few minutes because of the hit.  I am so grateful to him for saving my life and my whole family.  If I had run out as soon as I heard the first cry, it would have been saved for sure.  My whole family is ѕṓс before his passing, he died along with his cubs.  We will remember it for the rest of our lives.”

 Touched by the dog's courage and devotion, his family held a small funeral to express their gratitude and respect for the "benefactor" before taking him to his resting place.