Sad Bulldog Has The Most Expressive Eyebrows Ever

Feb 12, 2023

I have one of those faces that prompts people to ask if I'm okay when I'm expressionless. Repeatedly telling them "I'm fine, my face just looks like this" gets tiresome. An English Bulldog with remarkable eyebrows probably understands this better than anyone.

The Bulldog is known as Madam Eyebrows, and it's easy to see why. She has two thick brown eyebrows made of fur above her eyes, which stand out against her white face and give her a permanently sad appearance.

Her thick eyebrows and droopy mouth give her a constant sad appearance, but she is actually not sad. That's just the natural look of her face.

On her Instagram account, she is depicted in various scenarios where her perceived mood appears fitting, such as when she is dressed up in costumes.

However, the owner of this dog assures us that she is the happiest dog in reality. According to Janina, as she told The Dodo:

In person, you only need to observe her for a few minutes to see that she is happy. We don't just see her sad expression, we see how funny she is and how much love she gives us.

Moreover, she is loved and pampered, so she has all the reasons to smile - if only she could.

Regardless of how she feels inside, Madam Eyebrows will always appear as if someone just informed her that the kitchen has run out of the item she requested!

Born This Way

As a smaller puppy, it might not have been obvious that Madam would develop this appearance as she grew older. She was raised with her humans and another dog in Germany.

Soon, Madam's distinctive sad expression emerged. Despite this, her behavior suggests the opposite, according to Janina.

She is very happy and wags her tail, as well as giving kisses.

From certain perspectives, you can get a better understanding of who the true Madam Eyebrows is. For instance, when she is captured in motion like in this photo.