Incredible: Injured Mother Dog with Broken Leg Walks 2 Miles to Lead Rescuers to Her Stranded Puppies

Feb 15, 2023

Mothers have an unyielding love for their children, and are prepared to go to any lengths for them. This story of a mother dog offers a poignant example of such unconditional love.

Rescuers were struck by the plight of a wandering Greyhound, whose injured leg indicated that she was struggling to survive. Upon further investigation, they discovered that she was a devoted mother.

Vera, the mother dog, was in an appalling condition. In addition to her fractured leg, she was severely malnourished and emaciated.

Vera, a Spanish woman who was seen searching for food near a market by Lianne, a friend of Ellen Sobry's, was breastfeeding when they first met. It quickly became apparent that Vera had puppies somewhere.

After taking care of Vera's injured leg, they went back to the place where she was found, hoping that she would lead them to her puppies. As soon as Vera began to move, they followed closely behind her. They walked for miles after measuring their steps in yards until Vera led them to a broken-down car next to an abandoned house, about two kilometers away.

As they peered inside the car, they caught sight of Vera's litter of 10 adorable puppies. Vera and her offspring were brought to Sobry's veterinary clinic, where they will recuperate together before being put up for adoption when they are healthy.

Vera was rescued thanks to the unwavering dedication and affection she had for her puppies, with the help of Sobry and Lianne's miraculous efforts.