How a Rescued 'Skeleton' Dog Finds Joy and Safety After Being Locked in a Cage at an Abandoned Doggy Daycare

Feb 15, 2023

The starving dog that was discovered confined in a kennel at a deserted doggy daycare center in Vancouver, British Columbia is currently under investigation by local authorities due to the obscure circumstances surrounding its ordeal.

When Gator was brought to the British Columbia SPCA, the staff was appalled at the sight of the emaciated dog. His hair was severely matted, and after shaving it off, his bones were almost visible. It remains a mystery as to why or how Gator was abandoned at the doggie daycare, and officials are investigating this as an act of animal cruelty. Gator is currently struggling with various health problems, but with proper veterinary care and affectionate attention, he is projected to make a complete recovery.

Gator was discovered in a kennel that was drenched in urine and feces, and a lifeless dog was discovered alongside him. The living conditions that Gator was subjected to were appalling, according to the SPCA personnel.

"If he had not been discovered when he was, he would not have survived another day," stated the staff of BC SPCA to Richmond News.

Despite being on the brink of death when discovered, Gator's caretakers attest to his endearing and sociable personality. Despite the trauma inflicted upon him by humans, Gator craves their attention and affection.

According to Jodi Dunlop, the manager of the BC SPCA, "You might expect that Gator would be affected by what he went through, but he's still an absolute darling. He's incredibly appreciative of being rescued, and he relishes human interaction and care. He maintains a passion for life and a strong will to survive!"

Following a prolonged period of solitude, Gator is reveling in the company of his caregivers at the SPCA. He is undergoing treatment for malnutrition, an ear abscess, and severe oral disease. The cost of his treatment is estimated to be approximately $6,000, yet people from far and wide have already surpassed the fundraising objective, raising almost $46,000.

The excess money will assist the SPCA in funding medical treatment for other animals in its care. Although an investigation is currently underway, the rescue organization has confirmed that a person of interest has been identified in connection with the case.

Following the rescue group's Facebook posting about Gator's medical fundraising campaign, many people have commented on the sweet dog's story. Potential adopters have already expressed interest in Gator, and they are eagerly anticipating his release for adoption in approximately one month.

A commenter wrote, 'I am thankful and grateful that this little miracle boy was discovered and rescued. It's sickening that some people would choose to abandon a living creature and be so cruel. I wish this sweet soul a lifetime of good health, happiness, and lots of love!'