Helpless Paralyzed Puppy Desperately Crawling in Streets Ignored by Onlookers Filming Instead of Helping

Feb 15, 2023

This tiny animal was discovered being dragged inside a pagoda in a terrible state. She was suffering from anemia, dehydration, and malnutrition. It's reported that she had been bitten by a large dog, but no one had bothered to assist her. The dog bites were causing her pain, and she was also in need of nourishment and hydration. Despite the pain, she had managed to endure until she was no longer able to move. Rescuers were alerted to her situation and quickly came to her aid.

Imagine the extent of suffering she had to endure to survive. She was taken to Talingchan Veterinary Hospital, where her severe dog bite wounds were treated, but it was discovered that her spine and back legs had also been fractured.

The dog bite wounds were the only source of pain for the little creature. Due to a lack of food and water, the puppy suffered and eventually became immobile. Upon receiving a distress call, rescuers arrived to provide assistance.

Imagine how much pain she had to endure on her own. The Talingchan Veterinary Hospital took in the puppy who had suffered from severe dog bites, resulting in fractures in her back legs and spine.

She may never regain the ability to walk. The veterinarians did everything they could to help her. She will continue her rehabilitation in a warm shelter and visit her doctor every two weeks.

We pray that this great person will be able to function normally once more. Thank you to everyone who contributed to saving this little angel. Offer her your love, and remember her in your prayers.