Calling the dog to play on the riverbank, the owner slipped and drowned, the loyal dog's subsequent actions made everyone choke.

Jan 28, 2023

At about 3:30 p.m. on June 5, in the area of ​​Tac Tu river on Phong Thac road, Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China, there was a tragic accident that killed three people.

 All 3 drowned victims, including 2 women and 1 male, were in their 20s.  The unlucky young people were rescued by locals, but because of the long drowning time, there were no signs of life left. 

It is known that on the day of the incident, Ms. Vuong, her boyfriend and cousin invited each other to drive to the riverbank for a walk.  They brought Bat Bao and Do Do - 2 pet dogs that were raised together by Ms. Vuong and her cousin.

 While Ms. Vuong tried to call back her pet dog Bat Bao, who was playing on the riverbank, she suddenly slipped and fell into the river.  Seeing this, Ms. Wang's boyfriend and cousin immediately rushed to the rescue.  According to a fisherman nearby, it is possible that Ms. Vuong's boyfriend and cousin also slipped and fell into the water, because the riverbank area is quite steep, with a lot of moss and easily slippery, the river water is deep.  The most here is up to 3.2m.

 All three young people could not swim, so the tragedy happened.  Ms. Vuong's close friend sadly shared, Ms. Vuong and her boyfriend had planned to get married, but they never expected to return. 

After the owner died, 2 loyal dogs stayed at the riverbank where the accident happened for 1 day and 1 night, no matter how they refused to leave.  1 dog stood guarding the owner's car, another dog looked out at the vast river, including 1 dog that wouldn't even eat or drink, just need someone to approach and find a way to run  hide.  Perhaps they are still waiting to be reunited with their master.

 Mr. Trieu - a resident living near the incident area - said that everyone was deeply impressed with the two pitiful dogs.  Looking at the sad expression but still determined to keep the hope of waiting for the owner to come and pick them up, Mr. Trieu was so touched that he recorded the clip to share on social networks.

 On that day, the dog Do Do was picked up by the relatives of Ms. Vuong, and the dog Bat Bao still insisted on staying 

After viewing a clip of Mr. Triệu, a girl named Quả Quả went to the scene due to concern for the future of a dog named Bát Bảo. According to Quả Quả, if Bát Bảo could not be rescued, the loyal dog may be taken away and euthanized like a stray dog (many cities in China are currently applying strong measures against stray cats and dogs). After discussing, Quả Quả and Mr. Triệu contacted Ms. Vuong's family to ask for some items she used during her lifetime. They used these items to lure Bát Bảo, and it was very difficult to catch the guilty dog.

Quả Quả recalls: "At that time, Bát Bảo's eyes were red and swollen, as if he had cried all night, it really broke my heart."

Because Bát Bảo had not eaten anything since its owner passed away, it was quite weak, and its legs also showed signs of scratches. Later, Quả Quả and Mr. Triệu took Bát Bảo to the veterinary hospital for a health check. On June 7th, Bát Bảo was taken home by Mr. Triệu for care. In order to prevent Bát Bảo from being afraid of the new environment, Ms. Vuong's family and friends brought some of her belongings to "familiarize" the loyal dog. It is known that a dog named Đồ Đồ was taken to another city by Ms. Vuong's family for care, while Bát Bảo stayed with Mr. Triệu.

The above story has received great attention from the Chinese public.  Many people expressed their grief at the loss of the families of the victims, while others were choked with emotion at the loyalty of the Bat Bao dog.