Bully with a Longing Gaze Devours His Pupcake as Family Sings Happy Birthday

Feb 10, 2023

Ace, the American Bully, is officially two years old. And, to mark the occasion, his family wanted to sing h” m “Happy Birth “ay” and present him with his very own doggie birthday cake. But when they got everything ready and started the song, he became absolutely overwhelmed with excitement. Yet, good boy Ace exerted extreme patience, which we presume, was excruciating for him.

In the background of the clip, you can hear his happy family singing the classic birthday tune as the sweBully’sy’s gaze locks onto his special cake. His eyes practically fall onto the table as he stares at the cake and his body shakes with excitemenIt’t’s obvious that this sweet boy is eagerly anticipating every single bite. 

Ace licks his lips and sniffs his special treat as his family sings. Personally, I found the way he restrained himself to be incredibly impressive, as it was obvious he was going crazy inside. His palpable excitement, and sweet smiling face are incredibly adorable, and not unsurprising. Who doesn’t get excited about birthday cake? This sweet boy sure is living his best life.

Since this sweet video has already been viewed over 10 million times, it’s obvious we aren’t the only ones losing our minds over its incredible cuteness. We think of our canine companions as family, so of course we want to celebrate their birthday, and give them a super special day.

Ace’s loving family decided to sing to him and treat him to a tasty pupcake. They’re such a special treat, and can even be bought online or made in your very own kitchen. Other pet parents are opting to throw puppy parties and dress up their dogs in themed hats or bandanas. And don’t forget to commemorate your dog’s special day with a photo shoot.