Brave Family Dog Leaps Into Action, Protects Two Young Girls from Approaching Puma's Attack

Feb 11, 2023

Adopting a dog is a personal decision that varies from person to person. Some individuals seek the affection and companionship that a dog can offer, while others look for a working dog that can assist with tasks or serve as a protector for their loved ones.

Morocho, the fearless dog, demonstrated his unwavering devotion as a protector by fearlessly confronting a dangerous Puma. The wildcat was pursuing two young girls, who were collecting figs from a tree on their family's farm, when Morocho fearlessly sprang into action to defend them.

The Martines family and their friends were having a delightful afternoon on their farm, savoring each other's company. But Sophie and her friend Yoli, with a craving for Yoli's favorite fruit, figs, decided to take a walk across the farm to the fig trees where they knew they could find the sweet treats.

Fortunately, Sophie and Yoli were not alone on their excursion. They were accompanied by Morocho, the family's loyal Dogo Argentino, who joined them on their adventure.

As experienced fig-foragers, the girls were aware that the best fruits could be found at the top of the trees. So, without any delay, Yoli began to climb in search of the sweetest figs. However, as she ascended, they both heard rustling sounds coming from high above in the branches. To their surprise, they soon realized that Yoli was not the only one who had decided to climb that particular tree.

A dangerous Puma was lurking in the upper branches and had set its sights on both Sophie and Yoli. As one of the largest predators in South America, the Puma had the potential to cause serious harm or even death to the young girls.

Overwhelmed by fear, Yoli struggled to climb down from the branches and ultimately lost her grip. She plummeted to the ground, landing hard on her back. However, she quickly regained her composure, and both girls sprinted back towards their families as quickly as their legs would carry them.

With the fearsome Puma hot on their heels, Sophie and Yoli let out blood-curdling screams as they ran back towards the safety of their farm. Morocho, without a moment's hesitation, sprang into action to defend his pack, determined to keep them safe from harm.

Thinking that the commotion was caused by a snake, Yoli's father raced towards the source of the screams. To his horror, he found Morocho lying on the ground with severe injuries. Though the dog was still alive, the Puma was lying lifeless nearby.

The Dogo Argentino, also known as the Argentinian Mastiff or Argentine Dogo, is a breed developed in Argentina for big-game hunting. Known for their strength, power, and bravery, these dogs are large, athletic, and yet gentle protectors towards their families, earning them a reputation as "lovey-dovey" companions.

Thank goodness the girls had super-protective and powerful Morocho by their sides!