Abandoned Pup Left Tied to Gate - Heartwarming Rescue Story

Feb 16, 2023

It's difficult to fathom the lack of compassion humans show towards animals, particularly when they have pets of their own. Unfortunately, heart-wrenching stories of mistreated and abandoned dogs continue to surface, with an RSPCA shelter in Leicester, England garnering media attention in March for yet another such case.

In March, staff members at Woodside Animal Shelter were shocked to find a small dog tied to their front gate when they arrived for work on a Wednesday. It was unclear who had left her there or how long she had been without food or water (although it could not have been more than a night).

The adorable pup was simply waiting for someone to find her, and was overjoyed to meet her rescuers.

"When we found her, she was standing at the gate with her head poking through the bars, her ears back, and these big, beautiful brown eyes," a spokesperson for the shelter said in a news release.

Misty had certainly faced a challenging past before finding her way to the rescue shelter.

To begin with, she seemed to be underweight, with pictures showing her ribs visible through her skin. Additionally, she had wounds on her nose and a skin condition that needed attention.

When Misty's rescuers found her, they discovered a microchip, but upon calling the number linked to the chip, they were informed that Misty had been rehomed several years earlier. No further details were provided regarding the reason for her rehoming, her subsequent owners, or how she came to be abandoned.

In England, where a comprehensive Animal Welfare Act was introduced in 2006, abandoning an animal is considered a criminal offense. As a result, an investigation was launched and is currently ongoing.

Woodside Animal Center shared the story of Misty on their Facebook page and urged anyone with information about her previous owners to come forward. Their post read in part:

"Today, you may have seen a news story about a little Staffy who was left tied to our gates at Woodside. This incident is being dealt with immediately by RSPCA HQ, as it is now a criminal case. The Staffy is currently being looked after at Woodside and is receiving specialist care to ensure she is both physically and mentally well."

In March, Misty's rescuers provided a brief update on the adorable Staffordshire Bull Terrier in response to an inquiry from a concerned member of the public:

"Misty is doing incredibly well and is making a good recovery under our care. Once she is ready to be rehomed, we will be able to provide a detailed update.

Misty became available for adoption in June once the lockdown ended in England and was quickly adopted by a couple who are excited to give her a wonderful life.

The shelter shared the good news and a photo of Misty with her new parents, stating:

"Our beautiful girl has finally said goodbye to kennel life! After being abandoned and tied to our gates earlier this year, Misty was part of an RSPCA investigation. After winning her case during the lockdown, Misty could finally begin her search for a permanent home.

Misty had many people interested in adopting her, and we are thrilled that so many of you decided to open your homes and hearts to our precious girl."

Misty's new owner, Jane Wingfield, provided an update and photo of the dog to reassure concerned animal lovers that she was adjusting well to her new home.