Abandoned Dog with Serious Illness: Volunteers' Relentless Effort to Aid

Dec 15, 2023

The Unexpected Midnight Call for Help

As midnight cloaked the city, the rescue team received an urgent call. A local had spotted a stray dog in distress, needing immediate help. The team, equipped with determination and compassion, set out to find the suffering canine.

Searching for the Stray in the Still of the Night

Upon arrival, the team was met with silence. The dog was nowhere to be seen. After a thorough search, just as they were about to leave, faint sounds of distress echoed nearby. Following the sounds, they discovered the dog hiding under a large trash bin.

Assessing the Stray Dog's Critical Condition

The dog's condition was alarming. Suspected of suffering from fever, it refused to emerge or eat, showing signs of severe illness. This pitiful state suggested why it might have been abandoned.

Overcoming Challenges to Provide Aid


The team struggled for over an hour, trying different methods to coax the dog out. Eventually, they succeeded in safely removing it from its hiding place and rushed it to the veterinarian.

Facing the Harsh Reality at the Vet's Clinic

At the clinic, the vet confirmed the severe fever and warned of the high cost and low survival chances. Despite this, the volunteers were resolute in their decision to treat the dog.

A Glimmer of Hope After Treatment

Post-treatment, the dog showed slight improvements, managing to wag its tail and drink some water. The vet cautioned that the next three days were critical for its survival.

 Holding onto Hope for the Stray's Recovery

The rescue team's efforts epitomized the essence of hope and perseverance. As they prayed for the dog's recovery, they proved their unwavering commitment to saving lives, regardless of the odds.