A Pomeranian with a constant smile will bring brightness to your day!

Feb 10, 2023

Although all dogs are adorable, nothing beats the warmth in one's heart seeing a cute and joyful dog. Chevy, the 9-year-old Pomeranian, embodies this perfectly. Chevy is a charming black and white colored dog who always appears to have a big smile on his face.

However, Chevy's smile is not just for appearance. According to his family, he is also one of the most cheerful dogs around, so his appearance matches his personality perfectly. Over the years, he has gained a substantial following on Instagram, with many people visiting his page just to improve their mood. It's difficult to remain sad when you're looking at a joyful canine with a smiling expression.

Bringing Home the Happiest Dog

Nine years ago, Tina Denlinger and her husband lost their Golden Retriever. They wanted to provide their Corgi mix with another companion, and they discovered that Chevy was in need of a new home. The Pomeranian puppy was residing with a group of Dachshunds that didn't get along with him, so the Denlingers took him in.
The couple from Kettering, Ohio, immediately recognized Chevy's special qualities. He had an adorable expression that always appeared to be smiling, especially when he was engaged in activities he enjoyed. Soon, Chevy became famous for his adorable smile.

Chevy has a particular fondness for outdoor activities. He frequently joins the family on camping and hiking trips. Additionally, he enjoys taking rides on the family's golf cart, and he has tiny hats to shield him from the sun.

Chevy Can’t Stop Smiling!

Although Chevy has never experienced a sad day, there are short moments when he temporarily stops smiling. If he feels cold or uncomfortable, his smile will transform into a small frown. However, as soon as he gets to go outside or have a treat, his smile quickly reappears.

Chevy’s smile is infectious. Every time someone sees him walking down the street, they can’t help but smile back.

If you're ever feeling down, take a look at a picture of Chevy. It's guaranteed to improve your mood!