A heroic Labrador Retriever fights a mountain lion to save two children and protect the family.

Feb 15, 2023

On July 19 in Cedar Hills, Utah, a Labrador Retriever fought off a mountain lion to protect its family. Although it sustained horrific injuries, the dog survived the ordeal.

While Crystal Michaelis and her children were playing in the backyard, Ella, a 7-year-old yellow Lab, spotted a mountain lion. Although Michaelis was unaware of the mountain lion's presence, she observed that Ella was behaving strangely and constantly looking back and forth between the children and the location where the mountain lion was concealed. Michaelis remarked, "Ella kept glancing at the kids and then quickly looking back. Even though she was just being cautious, my child found it quite alarming."

After a while, Michaelis decided to take her children inside. When they returned to the patio door, they discovered that Ella had sustained severe cuts on her head, face, legs, tongue, and neck. Michaelis stated, "We opened the back door and found Ella covered in blood. There was blood all over the door and the patio." Although the family didn't witness the encounter, officers from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources discovered mountain lion tracks leading to the location. According to wildlife officials, the mountain lion may have been distracted by some nearby goats in a neighbor's yard and inadvertently wandered too close to the Michaelis' home.

Ella, a 7-year-old lab, sustained injuries to her head, neck, legs, and tongue after defending her family from a mountain lion in Cedar Hills. She also has over 30 bite marks on her body, with all of them starting at the shoulders. Michaelis stated, "This means she never gave up and remained in that protective stance to defend her family." Despite her wounds, Ella is expected to fully recover.

Despite no further sightings of the mountain lion, the Utah DWR has advised residents to remain vigilant and cautious. The DWR public information officer, Faith Jolley, mentioned that cougars primarily feed on deer, and they often follow deer populations. Jolley stated, "They have also observed deer moving through this area."